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Zaatari: A Day In The Life

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Welcome to Za'atari, the temporary home for tens of thousands of Syrian refugees. Just over a year ago it was a stretch of barren desert. Now it's a bustling metropolis with bakeries, hardware stores and rotisserie chicken stands. It's also a place of colliding visions: the camp imagined by the UNHCR planners and their Jordanian partners, and the camp shaped by the Syrians who must call it their temporary home.

This documentary series opens an unprecedented window into the camp, revealing the everyday dramas of delivering water, keeping the lights on and moving 200 families a day from tents into pre-fabs. In 15 fly-on-the-wall episodes, we follow frontline aid workers as they strive to support and sustain the residents of this remarkable makeshift city.

Produced by UNHCR / Yahoo / FauxPop


Media / Morpheus Pictures

Directed by Tim Wolochatiuk
Executive Producer: Cindy Witten
Story Producer: Randall Lobb
Online Edit and all Post Production: Mark Hussey

Best Campaigning/Investigative Journalism



For Zaatari: A Day in the Life, by UNHCR/Yahoo


Best Video Journalism



For Zaatari: A Day in the Life

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